If the measure of a man’s greatness is the legacy that he leaves behind, then there are few greater than David F. Thomson.  Dave’s dedication to improving the lives of others was truly inspirational.  He was a man of kindness, a man of strong moral fiber, and a man who gave of himself for the betterment of all those around him.
     As a Rotarian, Dave was the guy you went to when a job needed to be done.  He participated in a plethora of service events throughout the year.  While doing so, he was always there to offer his wisdom, his never-ending enthusiasm and his endless kindness.  Some of the Rotary projects for which Dave was an integral part were polio eradication efforts, The Community Dinners at the Interfaith Food Pantry, food collections for the needy, The Heart-A-Thon, the annual spaghetti dinner, raffle sales to support Rotary projects, scholarship recipient selections, coin drops and pretty much every other initiative Liberty Rotary Club undertook.  It will be very difficult to find people to do all the work that Dave did for our club and community.
     Dave was the kind of friend that every friend would want to have.  He exuded warmth and compassion and often had meaningful words of wisdom to make difficult and complicated tasks much easier to tackle.  For a big guy, he expressed a gentle, teddy bear like gentleness and kindness.  His great sense of humor merged with his strong sense of purpose made him the guy you wanted at your meeting, your event or your party.  He had a great and boisterous laugh that filled the room with joy.  He was a lover of fine food and drink, great books and a patron of the arts.  Dave was a master at the art of conversation and it was always a pleasure to speak with him about the news of the day, his most recent great read or his inside information about the latest happenings around town.
     It is hard to imagine our club or a world without Dave Thomson.  He was a good friend and loved by so many.  Although we feel tremendous sorrow at this time of his passing, we can also focus on the joy we obtained from having him in our lives.  If there was ever a man who exemplified “service above self”, it was David F. Thomson.  Our lives and our club will never be the same without him.