One of the greatest assets Sullivan County Rotarians have is the strong relationships we share with other community organizations to bring good to our area.  This was exceptionally exemplified by the assistance of Rotarians at this year's WSUL Heart-A-Thon.  Rotarians participated in numerous capacities including serving as members of the steering committee, distributing and promoting the sale of Heart-A-Thon Hearts, soliciting donations, supporting numerous fundraisers and serving the day of the event.
Thanks to the collective efforts of all parties involved, the event yielded a grand total of $103,198.  It is estimated that the Rotary Clubs of Monticello, Liberty and Livingston Manor helped solicit about $30,000 toward that impressive number.
This year proceeds will benefit a Treadmill for the Cardiac Rehab and some portable Cardiac Monitors, both for the Garnet Medical Center Catskills Campus; The Warrior Teens Program and an Outdoor Fitness Pad in Monticello with Sullivan 180, A Single Bite’s Real Food School Education Program, and Building Sullivan’s Healthcare Workforce Scholarships with SUNY Sullivan.
Thank you to all that made this event possible and gave tremendous amounts of time and effort to bring about this smashing success.  We are fortunate to have so many people in our area that are dedicated to assuring quality heart health here in our community.
This year local Rotary Clubs hosted the 4:00 hour and dedicated the time to our dear departed friend and Hummingbird recipient Danny Thalmann.  Danny exemplified "Service Above Self" through his continual effort to help better our community.  His presence is greatly missed, but his legacy of service lives on.