The spirit of giving was strong at the December 19th Liberty Rotary Club Food Drive that benefited the Liberty Interfaith Food Pantry.  Through the combined efforts of numerous Rotarians and an exceptional number of generous community members, the food drive yielded so much food that 4 vehicles were used to transport it to the food pantry.  Even more impressive, was the fact that patrons of the Liberty Market and Liberty Trading Post, as well as some early donors, dropped over $1,400 in cash and coin into our collection buckets.  To that total, Steve Gottlieb and The Liberty Trading Post contributed $300 to the cause.  That led to a total of $1,767 collected from this one-day event!  Additionally, the Liberty Rotary Club issued a check for $500 to support The Interfaith Food Pantry, bringing the total contribution to $2,267 to allow the pantry to sustain our neighbors that struggle with food insecurity at these difficult times.  All that food and money will do a lot of good.
Special thanks to Randy Resnick and Liberty Market for gathering food leading up to this event and allowing us to collect groceries and money at their store.  Additional special thanks to Steve Gottlieb and The Liberty Trading Post for their contribution and allowing us to collect in front of their store.  Also, thank you to those that worked in rather chilly conditions throughout the day to make this event happen.  A day which started with a temperature of 4 degrees and never rose above freezing did not stop the following from doing good for our community: Dan Berkowicz, Paul Ciliberto, Pat Fetner, Steve Fetner, Mr. Terry Grafmuller, Mrs. Terry Grafmuller, Irving Kaplan, Sue Kraycer, Jannetta MacArthur, Barbi Neumann Marty, Laura Sandoval, Jaime Schmeiser, Gary Siegel, Bill Silver, Gary Silverman and Tony Sinacore.  This event once again proves how generous our community can be and the incredible concern we show to those that live in our area.