Geneva May, a Community Health Worker Supervisor with the Maternal Infant Services Network was a guest speaker at our 4/14/21 meeting.  She explained the function and importance of the Maternal Infant Community Health Collaborative(MICHC) which is a federally funded grant that funds health workers that helps women overcome negative health outcomes and disparities through collaborative care referrals in partnership with other area agencies.
The work of this organization is especially important because the following statistics were found for 2019-2020.
-About 24% of client births were low birth weight
-About 47% of client births were labeled pre-term
-Increased needs for immigration services
-Strong need for access to food, goods and transportation
-Anticipation of a high demand for housing in the near future.
Should you or someone you know be in need of maternal infant services, you can reach Ms. May at or call 845-637-4424
We thank Ms. May for the important work she and her organization is doing to assure that mothers and babies have access to care and services in our county.