James Goldfarb spoke to our group as a representative of The Sullivan County Federation for the Homeless on August 29th.  
Sullivan County has the fourth highest child  poverty rate in New York State, with the most recent census reporting 27.9% of  children under the age of 18 in Sullivan County live in poverty. In spite of some improvements, our unemployment rate continues to be rather high for our region. Many young children and their families spend their days worrying where they will get their next meal. 

The Sullivan County Federation for the Homeless addresses this concern. They  operate the only soup kitchen in Sullivan County, providing breakfast and lunch five days a week to local residents. The number of people who need their help is substantial. They serve tens of thousands of meals through their soup kitchen’s breakfast and lunch program. They also operate a food pantry twice a month, where individuals receive canned food, cereal, juice, pasta and other staples. 
We are thankful to James and all those working at the Federation for helping those in our community ,who otherwise would be left hungry.