On Wednesday, July 14th, the Liberty NY Rotary Club hosted Katherine Meighan, Zulema Medina and Carla Musa from Belize.  All of these three amazing women provided those in attendance with an introduction and the club was briefed on the progress of our disaster relief efforts in Belize.   It was pointed out that after both Hurricane Eta and Iota struck Belize that the Belize Disaster Relief Team googled "disaster relief" and one of the first organizations that appeared in the search was Operation Endeavor where a number of our Rotarians including Charles Lee Miller, Shannon Barry, Gary Silver, Susan Kraycer and Gary Siegel are all on the Operation Endeavor Board of Directors.  It was only natural that the Liberty Rotary Club would get involved. Katherine Meighan, who is a member of the Rotary Club of Belize, has been instrumental in helping to coordinate the disaster relief efforts in Belize and in her brief report she thanked our club along with all the other clubs, organizations and individuals who donated toward the program.  A number of survival kits and much needed supplies such as dry bags, flashlights, etc have been provided to families affected by the hurricane.  Katherine stated that they are very interested in Disaster Preparedness Training and being proactive so that they are more prepared for the next disaster.  Aquaboxes have been received and are safely stored so that they can be distributed as needed if and when the next disaster strikes.  In addition over 100 pairs of shoes, donated by local not for profit Sole Purpose, have been distributed to families affected by the storms. The Liberty Rotary Club in partnership with Operation Endeavor are hoping to schedule future missions to Belize to help with preparedness and to continue to strengthen our relationship with our friends in Belize.