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There is an immediate need for supplies to get to families affected by Hurricanes Eta and Iota in Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.  Representatives from the Liberty NY Rotary Club, Operation Endeavor, the Belize Sunrise Rotary Club and The Belize Rotary Club met on zoom recently as a result of being contacted by the Executive Director of the Belize Emergency Response Team requesting disaster relief assistance.  We have been able to identify needs as described by those with boots on the ground in Belize.  Those needs include DONATIONS to purchase food, hygiene and domestic supplies for hurricane-stricken families as wells as to provide disaster preparedness and basic first aid training necessary to educate stakeholders and build resilience for future disasters.
CLICK HERE for Video showing Belize Rotarians delivering food and supply packages to families affected by floods caused by Hurricane Eta and Iota in Central Belize.  
Below are some examples of how your donation will help:

Hygiene survival kit*
Includes razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, cloth washing liquid/soap powder, feminine hygiene products, masks, toilet paper, shampoo/conditioner, cloth washing liquid/soap powder 
Estimated Cost $20

Shelter/Domestic survival kit* 
Includes matches/lighter, solid alcohol, liquid detergent/bleach, garbage bags, bowl/bucket, raincoats, fishing line wheel, rope, duct tape   
Estimated cost $30

Dry bag for families
to protect supplies & important personal items from flood waters    
Estimated cost $35

Food survival kit*
includes bottled water, orange concentrate, crackers, canned beans/milk/vegetable soup, vegetable oil, spam/canned sausage, salt, instant coffee/ovaltine, powdered/condensed milk, ready to eat dry cereals/oats, cup of noodles, rice, sugar 
Estimated cost $50
*Each survival kit and dry bag serves a family of three (3) for 1 week
Donations may also be used for disaster preparedness kits combined with Basic Rescuer Disaster Preparedness Training to be developed and distributed in the future.

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DONATE ON VENMO - search @libertynyrotary and write “Belize Disaster Relief” for donation purpose.  

To donate by check or money order make payable to:
CFOS Liberty, New York, Rotary Club Foundation Fund

Send checks to:

CFOS Liberty, New York, Rotary Club Foundation Fund
Please write “Disaster Relief” in the memo
30 Scotts Corners Drive, Suite 203
Montgomery, NY 12549

For more information contact:
Gary Siegel
President Liberty NY Rotary Club
PIO Operation Endeavor 

District 7210 Disaster Relief Chairperson