Real time disaster response...
When the help is most needed!
We have responded to a number of disasters in the past (Hurricane Harvey, Florence & Maria in Texas, North Carolina & Puerto Rico, respectively flash flooding in Tennessee, earthquakes in Haiti & Puerto Rico and more recently the hurricanes in Belize).  We continue to monitor any new disasters that strike domestically and internationally such as the tornadoes in the midwest. 
LNYRC DP&R Committee has been in contact with representatives of District 6710 which includes Mayfield, KY and other midwest communities that have been devastated by the recent tornadoes.  They have formed a District Response Committee headed by District Governor Gail Story and are assessing the needs for their communities.  We are anticipating that they will prefer monetary donations to purchase needed supplies and equipment to aid the families that have been affected by the storms.
Please help us to respond to these disasters in real time.  Your donations make all the difference!  

CLICK HERE to donate online with credit/debit card
search @libertynyrotary and type “Disaster Relief” in the “What’s It For” section.  

To donate by check or money order make payable to:
CFOS Liberty, New York, Rotary Club Foundation Fund

Send checks to:
CFOS Liberty, New York, Rotary Club Foundation Fund
Please write “Disaster Relief” in the memo
30 Scotts Corners Drive, Suite 203
Montgomery, NY 12549

All donations are tax deductible.