Thank You to All Our Blood Donors!

Liberty Rotary Club, with support from the Monticello & Livingston Manor Rotary Clubs, held a successful blood drive on December 12, 2020. The drive yielded the following results:
Whole Blood: 29 donations
Double Red: 12 donations from 6 donors
Total Collections: 41 donations
Every donation has the potential to help up to 3 patients, therefore our drive has the potential to save up to 123 local area patients!
Our most sincere thanks goes out to the Liberty Elks Lodge #1545 for providing their facility for this important life-saving event.   We truly could not have held this event without you.   Also, great thanks to the professionals at The New York Blood Center for creating such a smoothly executed event, and for treating our donors with such professionalism and kindness.  Extraordinary thanks to all the donors that gave of themselves(literally) to help restock New York's exceptionally low blood supply.