On January 7 there was an earthquake, magnitude 6.4 followed by another 6.0 tremor, which impacted the southwest coast of Puerto Rico. As a result, a number of houses collapsed and buildings and other structures have been structurally compromised. Many people are afraid to sleep inside out of fear of another quake or aftershock.  After Hurricane Maria, the Liberty, NY Rotary Club developed a network of Rotarians from Puerto Rico, Massachusetts and New York to provide assistance to the Moca, Puerto Rico, area which was devastated by the hurricane, and together we are working with the leaders of Rotary Clubs in Puerto Rico’s district 7000 to respond to this latest crisis
We received this message from Puerto Rico’s Rotary District Governor;
“…a number of houses collapsed, buildings and other structures have been structurally compromised, etc.  The extent of the damage is to be determined.  Some people have died, mostly from heart attacks. As residents of the affected area we can attest to the deep sense of fear and desperation when experiencing such catastrophic events. Sleeping at night is a challenge.
Affected people in towns near to the earthquake’s epicenters....  (click to READ MORE)
... have abandoned homes and multiple tent camps have been established, albeit, some without tents!  cots, food, water is scarce., etc.
I will not attempt here to provide here more details that can best be reported by the news.
Response has been slow.... It is starting to flow from the local government. Private citizens have supported others in need as best as possible.
Response from the Federal Government, FEMA is slow. Waiting for President Trump to declare Puerto Rico a disaster area. Don't know the details but you all know the whole Puerto Rico disaster relief aid since Hurricane Maria leaves a lot to be desired…”
The Puerto Rico Rotary leadership has stated that, while they know that their US and International friends will probably reach out and provide immediate supplies, monetary donations would be most effective.  Receiving funds will allow them to be more proactive and purchase needed supplies at home, which will save time and expense in purchasing and shipping supplies from the U.S. and will help them stimulate their economy.
Through Rotary, money can be securely collected and the money raised will be distributed directly to assist the people of Puerto Rico during this frightening time.  Please consider donating to our fellow citizens, brothers and sisters – no donation is too large or too small - through one of the options below.  
CLICK HERE to donate by credit or debit card
On the donation page, please note “Puerto Rico Disaster Relief.”
To donate by check or money order make payable to: 
CFOS Liberty, New York, Rotary Club Foundation Fund
Send checks to:
CFOS Liberty, New York, Rotary Club Foundation Fund
Please write “Puerto Rico Disaster Relief” in the memo
30 Scotts Corners Drive, Suite 203
Montgomery, NY 12549
For more information contact:
Gary Siegel – District 7210 Disaster Relief Chair
Email: cdtripsllc@gmail.com