This week we were lucky to have Debbie O’Mally, LMHC as our guest speaker. She is the Manager at R.I.S.E 

     The RISE Program – Rape, Intervention, Services & Education of Sullivan County advocates for anyone who is or has been a victim of sexual abuse. Founded in 1987, RISE provides an array of services to victims of sexual abuse and offers prevention education. The program advocates for sexual abuse victims. Staff members will accompany the victim to the hospital, police or district attorney after an incident and will provide assistance. RISE also offers confidential individual, family or couples counseling as well as support groups, prevention education and professional training sessions. The program maintains a 24-hour crisis hotline number, 845-791-9595.

      They are serving many women, but also far more children and men than in the past. Because there is much shame associated with sexual abuse and rape, it can be difficult for people to come forward.  Fortunately, that stigma is softening and people are getting better at asking for help.

This year there will be a Red Sand Project.  This will be used to fill in the cracks in front of the government center to symbolically represent the desire to not have people slip through the cracks.  The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event will be held on April 26th from 4:00 until 7:00 p.m. at the Sullivan County Government Center.