Dr. Robert Dufour - Supt. of Sullivan County B.O.C.E.S gave our club an update on a number issues associated with Sullivan County schools.
Dufour noted that many schools in the area have deemed it necessary to close one or more buildings, for varying lengths of time, due to staff members or students testing positive for Covid-19.  He explained that teachers are presenting "creative and engaging lessons" via remote teaching tools or through a hybrid of in-person and virtual instruction.  Despite every school's best effort to keep moving our students forward, there is concern that these methods may not be working well enough, and that pupils may be falling behind.  
Dufour also discussed the effort to provide Covid-19 vaccinations to the educational staff of our county.  Although local supply of the vaccine is currently unavailable, much effort has been put forth to collect data to evaluate how many doses will be needed, and how to schedule the more than 2,400 education workers that are eligible to receive those shots.  This should allow for greater efficiency when further vaccine supplies arrive. Approximately 25% of those that qualify have currently not shown interest in getting the vaccine, and there are efforts being made to determine why that number is so high and also to educate those qualified to receive the injections.
On the B.O.C.E.S campus, educational and vocational programs are progressing, but with less hands-on and laboratory time than prior to the pandemic.  Much time has been invested to provide focus, not just on student academics, but also to social-emotional wellness.
Dr. Dufour thanked the Liberty Rotary Club for all that we do to assist the youth and families of our county.  As he stated: "Somewhere out there, is a child smiling because of something Liberty Rotary Club did."
We thank Dr. Dufour for his time and valuable insight, as well as all he does for the children of our county.
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