The Liberty Rotary Club returned to its summer home at Hanofee Park on 6/26/24 for a triple celebration.
The evening started with the recognition of our scholarship recipients and the sponsors that made these awards possible.  The majority of graduates that earned these honors were able to join us for this event.  We were delighted to hear about their future plans and all the incredible plans they are making to be successful adults.
At this same meeting, our club honored members of the club that had reached milestone years of membership, a tradition started last year.  Members are honored that reach 5 year increments in their service to the club.(5 years, 10 years, 15 years...)  
As long as we were celebrating, it was a great time recognize the outgoing board members and the new board for 2024-25.  The board governs the club and judiciously chooses the projects and charities that we support.  Thanks so much to everyone that served last year and to those that have stepped forward to lead us for the forthcoming Rotary year.
Sponsors of this year's scholarships include the following: