Several members of the Liberty Rotary Club were part of Team "Strike Out Alz", which earned 1st place for the most funds raised. A total of $14,109 was collected by the team. This amount was the most money of any team heading into the frigid waters for the Subzero Heroes jump at Berean Lake. A special thank you to everyone who supported the team and the team members that took the plunge for this worthy cause.
Team members included Liberty Rotarians Mr. Terry Grafmuller(Captain), Mrs. Terry Grafmuller, Joseph Abraham, Jaime Schmeiser, Alyssa Thalmann and Jessica Thalmann Osterhout.  Team participants not part of Liberty Rotary Club include: Adam Ackerly, Hope Blecher, Susan Bunce, Lance Castillo, Lisa Eckley, Marcia Fink, Jonathan Gavin, F. Susan Koenig, Sheila Lashinsky, Dianna McDonald and Robert Schwartz.  Their collective efforts made for an outstanding event to support the work of The Alzheimer's Association.  Congratulations on your outstanding fundraising and bravery.