No matter how strong your commitment to a cause, one might question if you were willing to throw yourself into frigid waters to support it.  However, Team "Strike Out Alz" is so committed to eradicating Alzheimer's and assuring assistance to those afflicted with this dreaded disease, that they jumped into wintry waters not once, but two times to raise funds.  The end product of their fundraising efforts produced the incredible sum of over $16,000 to help in this quest to Strike Out Alzheimer's.  Thank you to everyone that was crazy enough to make these jumps and to all that made contributions.  Liberty Rotary Club members that were on the team included Terry Grafmuller, Beth Bernitt, Hope Blecher, Jonathan Gavin(Representing Meg Gavin), Theresa Grafmuller, Jaime Schmeiser, Alyssa Thalmann and Jessica Thalmann Osterhout.  Non-Rotarian members of the team included: Susan Bunce, Lance Castillo, Marcia Fink, Carmin Ribaudo, Erika Ribaudo, and Robert Schwartz.